COVID-19 Update

Alley House Grill is committed to the safety of our customers and to keeping southwest Colorado open! We’ve received a 5 Star Certification from Archuleta County for our work around preventing COVID-19. This allows us to operate at capacities one level above our county’s overall position on the statewide COVID-19 dial.

We’ve gone through a rigorous screening and inspection process to receive the 5 Star Certification. Our business has implemented a strict cleaning schedule, we screen our employees’ health on a daily basis, and we’ve asked our employees to participate in the State of Colorado’s COVID-19 Exposure notifications.

Here’s what you can expect as a customer:

  • Reserve your spot either online or by calling ahead of time.
  • When you arrive, you’ll receive a quick symptom check and be asked for a phone number or email address. This information will be used in case of a possible exposure while you’re here and will only be used for this purpose.
  • We ask that you wear a face mask while you’re in our facility. This includes when you’re at your table and not eating.
  • Remain 6 feet apart from anyone not in your immediate household.

Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for helping keep southwest Colorado healthy and open for business!